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by Karl Stober

As the song states “A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square”, and should continue to do so, in every square, studio and venue, this young man can find an open mic. Jeff Baker just reincarnates standards, bringing a new appeal to them. This young talent is just a pure pleasure to experience, take the time to do so as well.

Mr. Baker’s second project released by OA2 Records is a dynamic and refreshing recording that offers not only the vocal spirit, but also a sharp and precise arrangement of sound. Included in “Monologue” are the keys of Bill Anschell, Doug Miller seducing the bass, and Brent Jensen polishing off the brass with his sax expertise. Also in studio are John Bishop with the sticks, and David Sabee and his cello. Collectively, these gifted musicians will add a stunning piece of jazz to your collection.

Mr. Baker is a risk taker, not only with his confidence by financing his own debut recording, but also in his selection of cuts. From cuts with less notoriety, to off the path songs from artists like Tracy Chapman, the kid has a fever pitch drive that roars out of the studio without brakes.

“The More I See You” is a stimulating piece with a strong presence of the keys handed out by Anschell. Note the smooth segue of Jensen with his sax as Anschell reintroduces the keysÖvery smooth instrumental spot.

“Best of” goes to the standard “A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square”, the smoothest effort of this classic one has been subjected to – outstanding range and technique, just the way this cut should be sang. This is no alto aberration. This is pure untarnished talent! Note the mix and bonding of sound accompanying the vocal; it all makes good sense

From all accounts, this charismatic crooner needs to be tracked closely. Mr. Baker has the potential to skyrocket to many accolade-coated triumphs

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